Robertsons & Crawford Ltd

Robertsons and Crawford Limited is a trading style of

The Robertsons & Crawford Organisation Limited Reg No: 10475943

The Robertsons and Crawford Organisation Limited is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Financial Conduct Authority Reg No: 771963

Pension Advice​

Pensions advice, whether it be consolidating your pensions into one place, managing the underlying investment portfolios, projecting the potential income at retirement, or just assessing whether your investments are working for you in a cost efficient manner, can be a daunting exercise.

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Investment Advice

There is often much confusion surrounding various types of investment in the UK – “I don’t understand Pensions, they don’t perform very well do they?” “ISA’s, not much growth there!” or “Stocks and Shares ISA’s; aren’t they risky?” and so on, but the reality is that most investments are virtually the same; it’s just the way they are treated for tax by HMRC that differs.

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Inheritance Planning

There are two absolutes in life, death and taxes!

And so it is that even after we have worked diligently our whole lives, paying our taxes and contributing to our economy, there will be a final reckoning by HMRC and a tax levied, if at all possible. There is no way to avoid tax but you can manage your liability so that you pay no more than is absolutely necessary!

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How we work

Initial Advice and Service

• Initial Meeting to Determine Objectives and Needs at our cost, there is no upfront fee to you.

Once you engage our services for the agreed upon fee, we will:

• Conduct an Assessment and Explanation of Attitude to Investment Risk

• Obtain information on your existing investments or policies

• Research Appropriate Solutions

• Conduct a Full Financial Review

• Provide written confirmation of our advice

• Make Recommendations

• Arrange a further meeting with you

• Help complete any documentation as a result of our advice.

• Complete Administration and Document Processing for Specific Advice

Ongoing Advice and Service

We will provide you with some or all of the following ongoing services:

• Ongoing Administration and Document Processing

• Issue Annual Statements

• Ongoing Investment Advice / Communication

• Offer of a review meeting every twelve months to cover the following:

o Your portfolio performance

o Changes to your personal circumstances

o Whether your current insurances and protection cover remains appropriate (if applicable)

o Retirement planning

o Identify tax changes that may affect your investments

o Discuss your investment strategy and your attitude to risk – we will recommend changes where necessary

o Your estate planning arrangements (please note that the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation and trust advice).

o Any information required for your accountant or other professionals

o Review your documents to minimise paperwork

o Update our Fact-find Questionnaire (Personal Details only)

• Biennial Updates of your Portfolio Valuations

• Trust Advice (Where Applicable)

• Referral to other professionals (Where applicable)

• Further Advice and Recommendations at your request 

• Phone and E mail support at your request